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Terrablue is the result of one man’s vision, Sotiris Chronis, whose philosophy is encapsulated in the triptych of high quality, singular service and impeccable aesthetics. Combined with our heartfelt respect for the customer as well as the community, Terrablue is the sum total or products, services, ideas, actions and initiatives designed to keep adding to a positive social footprint. Our passion for the ultimate in food and beverage and constant focus on the never-ending improvement of our services, have turned Terrablue into one of the most innovative and forward-looking brands in the demanding F&B landscape, with an iconic presence in Athens, through such favorites as Il Barretto, Cherchez la Femme, 1896 Events and Δε Μιτ Μπόιζ .


An Italian heart beating in three landmark locations in Athens, with F&B suggestions for all day, every day.
In the best shopping mall in Greece, with a view to the landmark Olympic site, 1896 is the ultimate event venue, with contemporary, minimal aesthetic and easy adaptation to changing requirements.
In the historic part of downtown Athens, the ritual of coffee and Greek taste awaits the aficionados of living well in a traditional kafeneion.
The coexistence of roasted and cooked, of old and new, of maximum taste and minimal décor.



We are growing and so does our need for people who share our dream for the best Food & Beverage venues in Athens. If you happen to be one of these people, please talk to us!


For inquiries, please contact us through the form below:

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